2019 Antiques Appraisal Day, March 16

The 2019 edition of the New Holstein Historical Society's Antiques Appraisal Day is scheduled for March 16, 2019.  The event will once again be held at the New Holstein Community Center from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  Certified appraisers will be on hand to identify and appraise objects brought to the event.  Appraisal fee is $5.00 per items, three for $10.00, or for NHHS members, 4 items for $10.00.  Brats, burgers, chili, and homemade pie(s) will also be available for purchase.

This is one of the NHHS's main fund raising events.  All proceeds from the event are used by the NHHS for the identification and preservation of New Holstein and related area historical objects and structures.

Annual Meeting Notes from Nov. 10, 2018 Meeting

New Holstein Historical Society incumbent directors Ginny Curry and Greg Hageman were re-elected to three year terms at the NHHS Annual Meeting held Nov. 10.  Former NHHS director Barbara Weber rejoined the Board as she was also elected to a three year term.

At the regular NHHS November meeting that convened following the Annual Meeting, current NHHS officers Jerry Hollstrom, President; Carol Wordell, Vice-president; Dick Griem, Treasurer; and Kay Nett, Secretary, were all re-elected for the 2019 term.
Leslie Bellias, of the Wisconsin State Historical Society, was the featured speaker at the 2018 NHHS Annual Meeting on Nov. 10.

State Historical Society Curator was Featured Speaker at NHHS Annual Meeting on Nov. 10 at Altona

Leslie Bellias, Curator of Social History at the Wisconsin Historical Museum, was the guest speaker at the New Holstein Historical Society's Annual Meeting.  Her topic will be "OVER HERE: THE WISCONSIN HOMEFRONT IN WORLD WAR 1".

The Annual Meeting was held on Saturday, November 10, 2018 at the Altona Supper Club in New Holstein.

In the time following the United States' entry into the foray of World War 1, Wisconsin began to receive dubious attention as America's "Traitor State". With a large percentage of citizens of German descent, a staunch anti-war advocate in the person of Senator Robert Lafollette, and a very active Socialist party operating within the state, some sections of the country formulated some doubts about Wisconsin's collective loyalty.
Ms. Bellais' address focused on the ways Wisconsinites exhibited loyalty and patriotism while coping with the tense atmosphere that existed within and around the state during the 18 months the US was actively involved in World War 1.

Ms. Bellias' presentation highlighted key figures such as Wisconsin Governor Emanual Philipp, "preparedness advocate" Wheeler Bloodgood, and Wisconsin's anti-war advocate and Senator, Robert Lafollette.   

Inside the house

Timm House and PC Museum To Close for 2018 Season on Oct. 28

The Timm House and Pioneer Corner Museum will close for the 2018 season at the end of the day on October 28..  Both locations will reopen on Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM beginning with the first Saturday of May 2019.

The Timm House will be open for the annual "Timm House Christmas" for the month of December 2018.  Please see the article relating to "Timm House Christmas" on this website.  

154 Items Seen by Appraisers at 2018  Appraisal Day

Guest appraiser Gordon Kirsten looks over a John F. Kennedy presidential campaign poster that was one of the items brought to the NHHS's 2018 Appraisal Day fund raiser.  The poster included Kennedy autographs.  Next year's event will take place on March 16, 2019.
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Three New Holstein Historical Society members were honored at the Nov. 4 Annual Meeting.  Debbie and Dick Griem were recipients of the Pioneer Award for continued service to the NHHS and Herb Buhl was honored as NHHS Volunteer of the Year.  Deb and Dick are longtime NHHS members who have served in many capacities.  Deb currently co-ordinates the docent schedule for both the Timm House and Pioneer Corner Museum.  In addition to his current NHHS position as Treasurer, Dick has held other offices and has provided the plans and design for many of the vignettes at PC Museum, as well as supervising and aiding in the vignette construction.  In announcing Herb Buhl as Volunteer of the Year, NHHS President Jerry Hollstrom praised Herb's willingness to help and commended him on his ability to accomplish most tasks.  "Herb's the man with the tools," said Jerry.  "He either has them or knows where to get them." 
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Jessie Garcia tells the NHHS Annual meeting audience about  Alvin Kraenzlein, an athlete from Wisconsin, who won four individual gold medals in the 1900 Olympic games in Paris and earned the sobriquet, "The Father of the Modern Hurdling Technique".  Kraenzlein was one of the athletes featured in Garcia's book "Going for Wisconsin Gold".
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Wisconsin Author Tells Tales of Wisconsin Athletes at NHHS 2017 Annual Meeting

Wisconsin author Jessie Garcia gave a spirited presentation as the featured speaker at the 2017 New Holstein Historical Society Annual Meeting held Nov. 4 at the Altona.  Approximately 60 attendees listened as Ms. Garcia provided historic data and anecdotes about athletes covered in her three books, "Going for Wisconsin Gold", biographies and stories of Wisconsin athletes who participated in the Olympic games; "My Life with the Green and Gold", stories gathered from 20 years as a sideline reporter during Green Packer games and as host of the Mike McCarthy Show; and "No Stone Unturned" the story of a Wisconsin Olympic athlete and his sister who struggled to conquer cancer.

The author was the first female to be named to a position as a Wisconsin TV sportscaster.  She also spoke about growing up as a non-athlete and suddenly discovering that she wanted to tell the stories of those who do compete in various sports, then having to learn about sports at the same time as she, as a female, worked her way into the forefront of a previously male dominated profession.

In a short meeting prior to Ms. Garcia's address, NHHS members elected incumbent NHHS Board members Dick Griem, Jerry Hallstrom, Kay Nett, and Carol Wordell to new three year terms.

At the November NHHS monthly meeting that followed the annual meeting, Hallstrom was re-elected NHHS President, Wordell was re-elected NHHS vice president, Nett was re-elected NHHS secretary, and Griem was re-elected treasurer for 2018.

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